Control The Sway On Your RV

Control Your RV Sway

Whether you are an old pro or new at this whole RVing thing, you know that pulling an RV is not always easy on your vehicle. Too much sway can not only cause an accident, but it can also make everyone inside feel a little…unsettled. Here’s a little information on what sway is, how to help prevent it and the best products or combination of products to keep you safe.



When you think of a hitch, you automatically think about the single ball hitch that lets it move freely for turns. Seems simple enough, right?  However, it can cause problems because there is no real force to stop the trailer from “swaying” side to side. Not only can this cause an uncomfortable ride, but it can be dangerous if the force of the trailer causes you to go off the road. Sway can be caused by gusts of wind, curvy roads, drafts from passing of larger vehicles or even an imbalance of the load in your RV.


Bumpy & Curvy Roads Are No Match For The Right Hitch or Sway Bar
Bumpy & Curvy Roads Are No Match For The Right Hitch or Sway Bar


You have a few options when it comes to protection from sway. A sway control bar is an affordable way to reduce sway on all trailers. You can also get weight distribution hitches with sway control integrated. What’s the difference?

  1. Sway Bar Only – There are several types of sway bars you can purchase, but they all reduce the swaying and smooths the ride when traveling on bumpy roads or other conditions that typically cause your RV to sway. Sway bars are effective but have a few drawbacks. You will have to drill into your frame to attach them and you also will have to remove them before backing your trailer in. While these may not matter to some folks, it’s something to consider.
  2. Weight Distribution Hitches with Built-In Sway Control – This type will distribute the weight more evenly on your trailer as well as help with the sway. A great advantage to these is that you don’t have to drill holes or disconnect it before backing up your RV. Weight distribution hitches with built in sway controls uses springs to put tension on the side to side motion of the trailer making it the best choice if you have a heavy trailer.  


Simply answered? Any type of travel trailer. No matter how simple or complex you want to make it,  travel trailers no matter how small or large should have an anti-sway device on it. It will keep you safe and secure so you can enjoy your adventure in your new Fun Town RV.


Not to worry, Fun Town RV has you covered when it comes to finding the right sway bar or weight distribution hitch for your RV. We have a great selection of sway bars and weight distributing hitches (with or without sway bars)  for you to purchase online or contact us to inquire about our service department assisting you in purchasing and installing one on your RV.  



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