Fun Town RV’s 2023 RV Buyer’s Guide Part 1

Fun Town RV is providing this year’s 2023 RV Buyer’s Guide to help RVers through the RV buying process. We are here to help your RV with maintenance & service, supplies, camping, and more! As you start to research, you’ll get overwhelmed with many terms, brands, and even floor plans; we provide a guide with terms to pay attention to, like floor plans, RV types and descriptions, and after purchase guidance. Our 2023 RV Buyer’s Guide will help you make the best-researched choice with your new RV. There’s much to consider when looking for the perfect RV; Fun Town RV is here to help you find the best one. 

If you’re a new or returning RVer, start researching what to expect from an RV. Campers come in different sizes, amenities, and so much more. There are many factors when choosing your next RV, such as budget, sleeping arrangements, and towing vehicle, to name a few. There are many RV brands to choose from that becomes overwhelming; some of the major brands are Forest River, Crossroads, Heartlands, and Gulf Stream; Fun Town RV carries many major brands. We have all types of RV: travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth wheels, motorhomes, off-road trailers, and even pop-up campers! Our knowledgeable RV sales professionals can help you find all the RVs that fit your needs. Fun Town RV’s blog has several helpful checklists and articles that can help you get prepared for your next adventure. 

As you start the process, you’ll see recurring terms and floor plans that are common amongst certain styles of RVs. Fun Town RV will list some common ones to help you begin. Fun Town RV has a list of glossary RV terms to help you. 

Some terms you should know: 

  • Couple’s Coach: One room RV; there are options to open or drop down to add extra sleeping space.
  • Bunkbeds: Bunkhouses range from bunk beds in the corner to a room with bunk beds. 
  • Dry Weight: The weight before you start adding supplies to your RV.
  • Holding Water Tank System
    • Black: Sewage tank
    • Gray: Wastewater from sinks and showers
    • Fresh: Clean Water supply
  • Payload Capacity: The weight your car can safely tow; must not exceed.

Below are some standard floor plans you will see in RVs. These are only a few examples of floor plans; more floor plans are available from the Fun Town RV brands.

Examples of Floor Plans in non-toy hauler RVs:

  • Bunkhouse (BH or MB or QB)
  • Rear Living/ Front Living (RL or FL)
  • Rear/Front Entertainment (RE or FR)
  • Rear/Front Kitchen (RK or FK)

As you get involved in the RV Community, you’ll notice several types of RVers. People have different levels of enjoyment and fulfillment when they plan to camp. You’ll experience them all when you stay at RV Parks or boondock. Here is a summary from the RV Industry Association Demographic Profile:

  • Adventure Seekers: A small group of RVers setting off to explore long term
  • Full Timers: People who live year-long in an RV and enjoy the freedom of RVing. 
  • Happy Campers: Use RVs as a way to leave for the season.
  • Avid RVers: Always wanting to go RVing when they have a chance.
  • Escapists: RVers enjoy the freedom of camping for a few months. 
  • Family Campers: Grew up RVing and want to continue RVing as a family and create the same memories they experienced. 
  • Casual Campers: Go during the warmer months but enjoy this way of traveling.

These are some RVers you will see once you start heading out. They have different goals and expectations when they set out to find their next RV. There are many options, but you must research and figure out what RV is the best for you. Fun Town RV is helping you by providing the first steps in researching RVs and helping guide you through choosing one.

If you are looking for your next RV but want some tips on what to look for? Check in to Fun Town RV’s blog, we have part two up right now! Come in to your local Fun Town RV or contact us today; we at Fun Town RV are excited to help you find your next RV of your dreams!

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