How To Change An RV Tire

How to change an RV Tire


Uh-oh. You are driving along, enjoying your camping adventure in your travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome and you get a flat tire. Now what? Don’t worry. It doesn’t have to ruin your trip. We have a step by step “how-to” from us at Fun Town RV with a few pro-tips thrown in to help you change your tire quickly, safely, and most importantly, correctly.


Don’t panic. We will get you through the tire change.


Steps To A Safe & Effective RV Tire Change:

  1. Pull Over Somewhere Safe and Spacious – When you notice the flat, make sure you can find a place to pullover so that you will have enough room to change the tire away from traffic.
  2. Loosen the Nuts On Your Flat – BEFORE you put your camper on a ramp jack, loosen your lug nuts. Keep the tire attached, but loosen any super tight lug nuts before you raise the tire and lose your ground leverage.
  3. Pull Onto a Ramp Jack – Place a ramp jack behind a nearby wheel on the SAME SIDE of your vehicle as the tire you need to remove. Drive onto the ramp jack to lift your flat tire off the ground.
  4. Secure Your RV With Tire Chocks – Make sure to place tire chocks on the opposite side of your RV from the flat tire. This will make sure the RV doesn’t roll by accident.
  5. Remove Lug Nuts and Old Tire – Once your vehicle is on the ramp jack and your chocks are secure, remove all the lug nuts on your flat tire. (Keep them somewhere secure!) When the nuts are off, remove the flat and set aside.
  6. Replace With Your Spare – Place your spare tire where you took the flat off. (Store the flat in the same place as the spare to save space!) Replace the lug nuts and make sure they are secure. Give them an extra tighten, just to be sure.
  7. Remove Chocks and Drive Off Ramp Jack – When the spare tire is secured in place of your flat, remove the tire chocks from the opposite side of your RV and continue on your way!

At Fun Town RV, we want to make sure youre ready for anything! By following this simple guide on how to change a RV Tire, you’ll be ready for your next adventure. Contact us today at Fun Town Rv or come on in to your Local Fun Town RV Dealership. The Fun Starts Here at Fun Town RV!

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