Stay Warm Camping Off-Grid


Just because the winter months have hit doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your camper, even off grid! Whether you have a travel trailer, fifth wheel, or motorhome, you can be comfortable and cozy all year long. The colder climates can make it a challenge, but we have some great ideas on how you can stay toasty warm and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the winter season.


Snow covered Rv
Winter camping makes for beautiful scenery.


Easy Ways To Heat A Camper Without Electricity

  1. Propane Furnace – Check to see if your camper has a propane furnace. There is no need for an electric furnace if you have propane. You will need a small amount of electricity to get it going and for the fans, but a 12V battery will last about 11 hours while running the furnace.
  2. Insulate – Make sure your camper stays toasty warm with proper insulation. Ensure the caulking on the camper is fresh without dry rot or cracks. Replace the weather stripping regularly. You can cover the windows of your camper with insulated curtains or reflective insulated panels that will keep generated heat inside the camper. Don’t forget the floor! Get some plush, fun colored rugs to keep your feet nice and warm! If you feel a draft from the doorway, try an extra rolled up towel to block the draft.
  3. Blankets – Remember not only to bring your warmest, thermal sleeping bag, but how about some extra down comforters, flannel sheets, and hot water bottles.
    1. PRO TIP: Disposable heating pads will generate heat for up to two and a half hours after being activated. That will get your bed plenty warm to stay toasty through the night.
  4. Warm Beverages – Don’t overlook the importance of your favorite hot beverage when it comes to keeping yourself warm. Coffee, hot cocoa, or hot tea will warm you from the inside out!
Warm Drink during thw winter
Warm up with a hot mug of your favorite beverage.


How Else Can I Heat My Camper?

Not sure you want to rough it quite that much? Not to worry. You can take a generator with you and have all the power you want. If you need help finding the perfect generator for you, try our online RV Parts and Accessories department. We at Fun Town RV have everything you need to stay warm off the grid!


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