Texas State Parks: Fun for the Whole Family!

As it warms up in Texas and you’re ready to head out for the season, check out some of these State Parks in Texas; you’ll make great memories for the years to come. Camp out at these different Texas State Parks; Texas is ready for you to travel and enjoy what they offer. 

North Texas: 

North Texas State Parks are heavily wooded, making them more accessible in the early summer months. As you get closer to the Oklahoma border, there are different historic landmarks along the way that you can visit. Most of these parks are smaller but close to the DFW area. This makes them a fun weekend trip for anyone who wants to get out in nature for the weekend.

Bonham Lake State Park

Bonham State Park: 

Address: 1363 State Park 24, Bonham, TX 75418

Trails: 4

Length of Trails: 1.3-2.7 miles

Challenge: Easy-Challenging

Size: 65 Acres

A small, scenic park northeast of Dallas houses a lake and diverse trails for anyone to enjoy at any level of experience. Bonham State Park is a quiet park that is great for everyone. It offers a variety of hiking trails to lake activities. The Park offers guests an opportunity to rent equipment to take out for a fantastic day on the lake. With almost nine miles of trails, you can make the most out of your time there. These trails are mostly shaded; this keeps the sun off you longer and you from getting worn out faster. 

With 20 campsites and various amenities to choose from, you will be able to find the one that fits you best. Grounds allow the option for RVs or Tents with multiple amenities available. Bonham State Park has the opportunity for a Group Campsite for up to 50 people to camp on with access to a water spigot and upright grills, an excellent choice for fun family reunions.

Click here to learn more about Bonham State Park and what it offers.

Cleburne State Park

Cleburne State Park:

Address: 5800 Park Road 21, Cleburne, TX 76033

Trails: 11

Length of Trails: .1-2.5 miles

Challenge: Easy-Challenging

Size: 528 Acres

Cleburne State Park is an excellent weekend getaway for anyone who wants to escape. This Park has fun water activities to great hiking and biking trails. With over 13 miles of trails, you will never be bored. Some family fun activities are geocaching and becoming Junior Rangers with a fun activity to earn the badge. This Park is a family-friendly place that wants a weekend away from the city.

After your stay at the State Park, come check out our Cleburne Superstore; we would love to meet you and help you with any of your camping needs. Check out more about Cleburne State Park and what activities they offer. 

East Texas: 

The piney woods and marshy landscape are East Texas’s framework that transports you in time to what early Texas Settlers Experienced. Wholly opposite experience to what you would have in West Texas. Texas’s Diverse Environment allows you to access different kinds of biomes available in the U.S. 

Caddo State Park

Caddo Lake State Park

Address: 245 Park Road 2, Karnack, TX 75661

Trails: 4

Length of Trails: .2 -.7 miles

Challenge Rating: Easy-Moderate

Size: 489 acres

Caddo Lake is a prime example of the diverse environment of Texas. The Park is home to alligators, marshland birds, and even living fossils! Caddo lake’s unique environment created hearty plants unique to East Texas landscapes.

Although this State Park is lake-centered, hikers have shorter trails to watch wildlife. Bird watching is a great pastime here; observe waterfowl you wouldn’t have the opportunity to see in other parts of Texas. 70 species of fish and almost 27,000 acres of lake, you go off the grid on your fishing trip and enjoy the silence of the lake. Bring your boat while having quick and easy access to the water with the boat ramp. Be careful of alligators and review safety tips when you visit there. 

Campsites with different kinds of amenities to choose from. Bring your RV or set out to camp for a lovely night amongst the pines.

Come bird watching and paddling at Caddo State Park to find out what they offer.

Tyler State Park

Tyler State Park

Address: 789 Park Road 16, Tyler, TX 75706

Trails: 8

Length of Trails: .3-3.1 miles

Challenge Rating: Easy-Challenging

Size: 985.5 Acres

Sabine River Basin’s environment creates a lush environment home to several ecoregions. Located outside of Tyler, Tyler State Park is home to a diverse population of animal and plant life to go visit. While visiting Tyler, check out the Rose Festival in October or Azalea Trail in March! Most of the trees here boost to between 75-100 years old. These tall Hardwood trees dominate the landscape, creating different levels of understory, flowering trees. Native grasses take refuge amongst the trees in this Park. Although this environment seems hearty, it is a delicate ecosystem that works together.

Tyler State Park’s 13 miles of trails keep you busy. The hiking paths are well maintained by different Rangers who want to make it fun for everyone. Tyler State Park’s Lake is home to a few fish species you can fish for and take your boat out on for a day.

The Park has a wide variety of campsites that are great for everyone. Their campground has different amenities for everyone. One of their many full hookup campsites has a great view of the lake that would be great for early morning fishing opportunities. They have several dedicated RV sites with full hookups, making it an excellent spot for your next long weekend. 

Click here to check Tyler State Park’s official site and some of its famous Conservation Practices.

West Texas:

Rugged, enchanting landscapes are everywhere when you visit the Big Country of West Texas. West Texas’ mountain ranges jut out across the desert landscape. Experience stargazing and the dead silence of the night. Find your favorite campground in West Texas.

Lake Mineral Wells

Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Address: 100 Park Road 71, Mineral Wells, TX 76067

Trails: 9

Length of Trails: .6-2.3 miles

Challenge Rating: Easy-Moderate

Size: 3282.5 Acres

Historic Mineral Wells boasts an extensive history. With easy access to the Mineral Wells and its famous “Crazy Water,” you can experience the scenic beauty of the rich landscape of the Park with its various elevations you would never be bored with. With over 12.8 miles of trails, you can experience a wide variety of hiking trails and difficulties that makes you worn out but energized for your next adventure. This Park offers natural rock climbing at Penitentiary Hollow, one of the few places in North Texas to do so. This state park allows horse trail riding and equestrian parks where you and your horses can stay. Horses are permitted on specific trails but range from easy to moderate in difficulty. 

Mineral Wells Lakes offers many water activities that you can bring or rent your own boat. This lake’s variety of fish comes with the offer of six fishing piers to fish from, and you do not need a fishing license for this Park.

Come visit Mineral Well’s historic town and its famous history; check out this link for more information!

Lake Copper Breaks Stargazing

Copper Breaks State Park

Address: 777 Park Road 62, Quanah, TX 79252

Trails: 9

Length of Trails: .3-3.8 miles

Challenge Rating: Easy-Challenging

Size: 1,899 acres

Copper Breaks State Park is a time capsule to what the Settlers and Indigenous population experienced. Copper Breaks’ Elevation is vastly different across the Park. Rugged landscapes give contrast to the beautifully rich, green trees. This region boosts red clay, and if you have the opportunity to be there when it rains, you’ll be able to smell the chemical reaction of red clay and rainwater. The red pops from the landscape help create excellent contrast for a photographer. The mix of mesquite trees and junipers shows West Texas can have these green pockets of land.

People can experience the range of trails that Copper Breaks has to offer. Their hiking ranges from easy and moderate to challenging. Along with your typical trail trekking, you can bring your horse on these trails and enjoy the landscape. While this Park has a lake, it is not as widely stocked as nearby parks. It does have trout and catfish that you can try to fish for at Lake Copper Breaks or Big Pond. But, you can rent a kayak or canoe and enjoy a fun day on the lake. 

Their campsite has a wide variety of amenities suited for any of your camping needs. Many campgrounds to choose from that are across the Park. While you are out camping in this beautiful environment at night, look up and see one of the best stargazing sites in Texas. Without light pollution from nearby cities, you will be able to see the Milky Way and any constellation you hope to see on a clear night. 

Check out Copper Breaks for more information on what to plan for your next trip.

South Texas:

South Texas’ rolling, lush landscape eases into a beautiful beachfront coast contrasting with everything you know about Texas. South Texas experiences both dense woods and valleys further south you go. The gulf coast of Texas is lined with islands and coves ready to explore. 

Enchanted Rock Natural Area

Enchanted Rock Natural Area

Address: 16710 Ranch Rd. 965, Fredericksburg, TX 78624

Trails: 8

Length of Trails: .1-4.6 miles

Challenge Rating: Easy-Difficult

Size: 1,644 acres

Come visit Texas’ famous Pink Granite Dome; it has brought in visitors for 1000s of years! Located in Central Texas in the Hill Country of Texas, this Park is a treasured state gem. 

Explore 11 miles of trails for the natural beauty surrounding this massive Granite Dome. Great for anybody who wants to escape the city for the day and have fun in nature. Beautiful woodlands surround it teeming with wildlife. Famously hearty creatures call this former magma lowland home. Lichens and Quillwort call this place home. Have you ever seen shrimp this far from the coast? Check out Fairy Shrimp that live in the vernal pools of Enchanted Rock. They survive some of the harshest summers to reappear during the rainy season.

Enchanted Rock’s various campsites are great for any camper level. They have various amenities that are great for anyone. They also have a Group Campsite for anyone who wants to bring the whole family!

Come check out Enchanted Rock’s official site for more information!

Mustang Island RV Site

Mustang Island State Park

Address: 9394 State Highway 361, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Trails: n/a

Length of Paddling Trails: 20 miles

Challenge Rating: n/a

Size: 3,954 acres

Located in the Gulf of Mexico, 18 miles of island are dedicated to preserving the delicate ecosystem in the Texas Gulf. Plenty of room to go kayaking or paddling; you’ll never run out of things to do.

While this Park doesn’t have traditional hiking trails, there are Paddling Trails and exploring the coastline. You can walk on this island and see all the small island birds, even some sea turtles! There are 400 species of birds that call this place home. Migratory birds take refuge here during cold fronts that pass through. Endangered Sea turtles also come here and nest during their season, so be careful and watch out for them!

Check out some of the campsites that Mustang Island has to offer. You’ll have the opportunity to camp out on the beach or a spot by the beach and be able to hook up to electricity. 

Come find what Mustang Island offers for the whole family; click here for their official website!

Check out these Texas State Parks for a fun weekend getaway. Want to make sure your RV is ready for your next adventure? Check out our blog on getting your RV prepared for this camping season. While preparing your RV, check out our handy Customer Toolbox, which has many accessible manuals for all RV manufacturers. Come load up on your RV accessories at Camptown Outfitters, and our knowledgeable salesmen will be able to help you find the best product for your RV. Contact us today or come into your local Fun Town RV; we at Fun Town RV are excited to help you find your next RV!

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