Warm-Weather Camping Equipment Guide

Warm-Weather Camping Equipment Guide

As you start prepping for warm-weather adventures, Fun Town RV is preparing a guide to help you figure out the best supplies for your next trip. 


  • Map
  • Compass/GPS
  • Sunblock/bug spray
  • Multi-tool
  • Brush to knock off debris from shoes
  • Clothing
    • Hats/Bandana
    • Sunglasses
    • Long and Short sleeves sweat-wicking
    • Quick-dry pants or leggings
    • Rain Gear
    • Clothing you can layer with
    • Appropriate shoes
  • Food
    • Calorie-dense food
    • Non-perishable snack food for trails
      • Remember to pick up after yourselves, and leave no trace behind!
    • Water bottles or jugs
      • Jugs will be better long term if you have refillable containers
    • Water filter device
  • First-aid supplies
    • customize it to what you need
  • Toilet Kit
  • Whistle or high pitch noisemaker

What’s your favorite essential camping gear? We’d like to know and add it to our ever-growing list! We at Fun Town are proud to help you find the best RV and camper of your dream! If you are interested in one of our off-road trailers or pop-up and expandable units, come into one of Fun Town RV locations or contact us today.

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