Find the Perfect RV with Fun Town RV

Are you trying to find the perfect RV for yourself? Fun Town RV is here to help you find the next great camper. Our knowledgeable salespeople can help you narrow down the RV type you want, the floor plan, and the best models. We have various floorplans that will fit what you need. There is an RV for any level of RVer, from beginning to veteran—we have them all!

Let’s start and look at RV Types:

Travel Trailers:

Travel Trailers can be towed by many trucks. They are pulled directly by hitch compared to other RVs. These campers are shorter than fifth wheels. They are all on one level. The spaces have, on average, more open floorplans. Most floorplans can expand wider with slides that make these campers super spacious! They can have exciting features like a hidden desk, flip-up bunkhouse, fireplaces, and more! They can range from couples coaches to bunkhouse floorplans. Travel trailer floorplans allow people to sleep from four to 10 people in a camper. Many options include the private bedroom, bunkhouse, pull-out couches, and drop-down booth dinette.

Fifth Wheels:

Fifth Wheels are towed by pickup trucks using gooseneck hitches. These spacious trailers can have multiple levels and designated spaces instead of one big area. The kitchen and living room are more oversized and have more seating than smaller campers. The kitchens can be designed with kitchen islands or peninsulas, depending on the model. Some floorplans also have bigger or residential fridges; fun features like wine fridges or massive pantries can be available on some luxury fifth wheels. Some fifth wheels will have multiple bunkhouse spaces like a mid bunk and loft space above. Mid bunk and loft have multipurpose spaces like storage or another living space. Fifth wheels are likelier to have washer & dryer hookups or already installed appliances! They can be located in the main bedroom closet or bathroom. The main bedroom can have massive closet space and/or dresser space. Most fifth wheels also have a designated TV mount spot in the private bedroom. These trailers have more storage options, which are great for longer-distance traveling. Some of the amenities available in fifth wheels are not available in travel trailers; some features are closer to what you expect from your home!

Toy Haulers:

Want to bring your four-wheelers or dirt bikes? Check out toy hauler floorplans; they have spacious garages where you can store them. Toy haulers come in travel trailers and fifth-wheel floorplans. Garages can have booth dinettes that raise or flatten out into beds. In some models, a half bathroom can be located in the garage. These camper garages come in various lengths, so you can pack up everything and head out for fun trips with one of these! In all toy haulers, the garage has a booth dinette that can be turned into an extra bed for guests and a loft space that can double as a storage option when traveling! The garage door can be used as patio space, and if you park in an awkward area, you can still have great outdoor space, using indoor and outdoor areas.

Destination Trailers:

Destination Trailers are great for longer-term living; they are meant to travel cross-country less often. They are like tiny homes on wheels but functional designs since RV designers know what works best when traveling. These trailers can sleep many people; they range from couples couches to two-bedroom models. They also can bunkhouses and/or loft spaces. There are larger areas for the living room and kitchen. You have more storage options than other models since these campers are seen for more long-term living. These destination trailers have a more traditional home feeling with appliances like washers, dryers, and possibly dishwashers or wine fridges. This kind of feature varies between models; it’s essential to research what floorplans fit you best before you head out to a dealership!


Motorhomes are great for people who want to go on extended road trips! They are great for people who wish to park, drop it off, and take the vehicle you can tow behind it to explore. Motorhomes range in size, needs, and prices. Some are meant more for families, while others are not. You can start researching the best models by evaluating what Motorhome class works for you. They can be couple’s coaches or have bunkhouses. Most floorplans are similar, but the way you live and work differs. The classes have different features that are common to them. Class A tends to be bigger, so they have more storage options for washer & dryer hookups and potentially bunkhouses. Class Bs & Cs are minor than Class A and take up less fuel than the bigger models. Always research the models you are looking at before you make your new investment!


Floor plans can come with a variety of layouts and features, but there are some you can expect to see. There are bunkhouses, couple’s coaches (no bunks), rear kitchens, front living or entertainment, front kitchens, rear living, and more; these floorplans can fit your needs, but you’ll have to figure out what works best for you. You also have to evaluate who would be traveling with you on average. Some floorplans have more designated sleeping areas compared to some models. RVs can sleep many people in a camper by evaluating which RV works best for your needs.

By talking with our knowledgeable sales teams, you’ll be able to find which RV works best for you! Contact us today to find your dream camper; start making memories today with one of Fun Town RV’s campers!

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