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New 2021 Palomino Puma Destination 39FKL

Park models are wonderful RV options for those who are looking for a semi-permanent home away from home. These RVs hook up to water and sewage and can be parked long-term. They’re favorites among snow birds and those who want … Continued

What To Look For In A Used RV

Sure, we’d all love to buy a brand new RV with all the bells and whistles. We all get a little jealous inside when we see a super shiny RV with all the new tech and features parked next to … Continued

Fun Town RV has a Variety of Destination Trailers and Park Models to Choose From!

Wildwoods, Cottages, Retreats OH MY! If you are in the market for a new Destination Trailer or Park Model, you have come to the right place. Fun Town RV has recently broadened the variety of destination trailers and park models … Continued