3 Festivals Worth an RV Road Trip

RV Road Trip SXSW Austin South By Southwest

Three Festivals Worth the Drive (and What to Take Along) When it comes time to figure out exactly where to go for life-changing experiences, or just a whole lot of RV road trip fun, there are at least three festivals … Continued

Beating the Bugs: Tips for Repelling Mosquitoes

Perhaps one of the most un-enjoyable parts to any outdoor RV trip is the inevitable barrage of bugs that come with the heat of summer. If you find that you walk away from your trip covered in those itchy little spots, chances are … Continued

3 Tips for Planning a Delightful RV Trip

So, you’ve got your New RV, your bags packed, your house shut up, and you are prepared for your RV trip. However, on the road, you find yourself stopping for meals twice as often as you expected. The activities that … Continued

5 Tips For RVing Newbies

Here at FunTown RV, we see plenty of first time buyers and newbies that are brand new to the RVing game. We always tell them that they’ve made a choice that will change their lives for the better, as long … Continued

Springtime Is The Best Time To Start RVing

Spring is just around the corner and millions of Americans, all across the country will be gearing up for RVing season. Right around the beginning of March you’ll start to see more and more travel trailers, fifth wheels and toy … Continued

Giving your RV A Good Scrubdown

With the winter on its way out the door, there’s one thing us RVers are looking forward to: unveiling of our RV from hibernation. Most of us have set it aside and parked it for the last few months and haven’t … Continued

Holiday Traveling Tips

There are 2 types of people in the world: People who stay home for the holidays and people who enjoy being out on the road for the holidays. I tend to believe that most RVers fall into the second category. After … Continued

Christmas Gifts For The RVer In Your Family!

Christmas is just around the corner and we know what you’re thinking. For the RVer in your family, you’re wondering what to get them. We hear it all the time and we’re here to help! We’ve put together a list … Continued

Going Green in Your RV

We hear about it all the time: going green. Getting off of the grid and living or vacationing without a dependance on a electrical connection. Now, more than ever, it’s an affordable process and more people are converting to solar … Continued