Is Buying A Fifth-Wheel RV Right For You


First, what is a fifth-wheel? RVers and many non-RVers alike know what a fifth-wheel is. But just in case this is the first time you’ve ever heard the term, a fifth-wheel RV is a type of trailer camper that is towed by a special hitch that is permanently attached to the inside of a truck bed. This truck is usually a larger diesel with a dual rear axle. This allows for increase stability while towing, which, in turn, allows for a larger trailer well equipped with ample dining, living, sleeping and bathroom quarters. Although fifth-wheels a more expensive than travel trailers, many people prefer fifth-wheels because they are easier to tow, as previously stated.

So, how do you know know if a fifth-wheel is right for you? First, you’ll want to choose what minimum requirements are right for you and compare those with your budget. Fifth-wheels are known for their durability and easy handling because of their hitch point over the rear axle of your truck and offer you every comfort you would find in a hotel room, plus more. There are numerous manufacturers and floor plans available, so call Fun Town RV, we can help you with this.

Another thing to as is, “Are you going to buy a new, or used fifth-wheel“? Remember not to rule out a used fifth-wheel as you may get a little more RV for your money. That’s more amenities with a much lower price tag.

Of course, the next thing to think about is how it’s going to be towed. This is extremely important, folks. The type of vehicle used to tow your fifh-wheel may determine the maximum weight allowed, which in turn will affect your decision on whether a fifth-wheel is in your future. Do your research here first, because falling in love with a new RV only to find out that your truck can’t tow it might ruin your day.

The thing to remember when buying a new or used fifth-wheel is to take your time to do a more than adequate job researching your options. For example, do you plan on taking the while family? Then you should consider buying a fifth-wheel with a floor plan that includes bunks (also known as bunkhouses). Do you ride motorcycles? Then you’d definitely want to look at a fifth-wheel toy hauler. Don’t hesitate to ask friends who’ve purchased, or currently own fifth-wheels for their input and advice. You can certainly call Fun Town RV for suggestions as well. Also, make sure you compare prices to make sure you are getting the most options and features for your money.

Contact Fun Town RV today check out our fifth-wheel selection, pick out the one that is right for you and Go RVing!

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