Ready To Get Back To RVing? Tips & Tricks for Your Next RV Adventure

Before setting out on the road, check the expiration dates on your RV parts and accessories to make sure you don’t need to replace anything before your trip. According to RV Whisperer Article, “Do RV Propane Tanks Expire?” and RV Life Article on “How To Prep Your RV For Spring,” here are some helpful tips that will help get on the road this coming spring!

Exterior Checklist:

  • Propane Tank:
    • DOT Propane Tanks need to be checked after 12 years and need to be certified every 5 years.
    • If your propane tank has an “S” it needs to be re-certified within 7 years of the date. 
    • However, if there is an “E” then that means it needs to be certified in 5 years. 
    • If your tank got damaged or rusted, then it means you should replace your tank.
    • If you need to re-certify your tank, it would take about 10 minutes to get it done and pay for it to be certified. Want to find someone near you to check on it? Google “Propane tank Certification Near Me” with your zip code and city, the nearest one will show. 
  1. Tires: 
    • Check out all of your tires air (including your spare). 
      • When checking your tires, check for dry rot as well. It appears as cracks in the rubber due to the unit not being in use.
  1. Damage/Exterior Coverings: 
    • Pull off any Exterior Coverings to check for damage. 
    • Check the exterior of your RV for any cracks or holes where animals could get through
    • Check the roof of your RV for any damage from tree limbs from spring storms. 
  1. Paperwork:
    • Check all paperwork to make sure everything is up-to-date in registration. 
    • If your RV is over 7,500 at gross weight, then it needs to have a yearly inspected. According to the Texas DMV, you would need a weight certificate and photograph of the trailer. For more information on what your county requires, the Texas DMV has a handy guide for you.
    • If you plan to camp on public land, make sure you check out your registrations for access to Federal Land. If you’re looking for a specific one or what guidelines to expect from the park system, check out RV-Camping for more information on what you require.


  1. Clean Out:
    • Start off with opening any windows or vents to help air out your unit.
    • Dust and check for any leakages.
    • Vacuum surfaces and spray any soft surfaces to freshen up your fabrics.
      • Tip: while you’re cleaning after you check your electrical system of your RV, plug in a wax burner or a plug in air freshener to help brighten it up faster.
    • Clean out anything that tends to harbor moisture like fridges or any sinks/tubs that might have build up or any Winterizing Fluid (Antifreeze specifically for RVs is bright pink). Rinse and flush any out.
  1. Restock Main stay supplies
    • Restock first aid kits
    • Basic Non-Perishable food
  2. Bring back anything you took out for Winter
    • Blankets/Soft materials
  3. Check any fire extinguishers
    • Check expiration/if it needs to be recharged.
    • If they were part of a recall at all in the past year.

Operating System:

RV Control Panel
  1. Electrical System:
    • Check your electrical system. If things are not turning on, check your control panel to see if something tripped.
  2. Battery
    • Make sure your battery is secure and fully charged.
  3. De-Winterize the system
    • Flush out antifreeze and make sure your pipes are ready to go.
  4. Check your Freshwater system
    • Flush and refill your water system for any leaks by completely filling your tank
    • Check water hookup spots on your RV for any leaks.
  5. Check any Alarm/Detectors and change batteries if needed
  6. Check electric and/or gas line
    • Clean any tubing and valves. 
    • Move any knobs into the correct position of for Summer.
    • Check appliances and make sure they run correctly.
  7. Change/check air conditioning filters
    • There might be a build up gunk and/or anything from the previous year that needs to be cleaned out before the start of the season

If you have any suggestions or practices you do to get your RV ready for the Camping Season, let us know! At Fun Town RV, we are always wanting to help you out and be able to get you on the road faster. Our helpful Customer Toolbox can easily help you minor issues that you come across. We compiled information from multiple manufacturers and component suppliers that will help if you come across anything. Contact Us today or come in to your local Fun Town RV Dealership for any maintenance help. The Fun Starts Here!

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