Top Tips for Camping with Pets

Fall camping trips are right around the corner and what better time of year to go camping with your dog? Long days spent outside may be pleasantly warm but not unbearably hot, and it’s easier to keep your doggo comfortable and cool. Take a look at our tips for camping with pets to help make sure it’s a fun and successful trip.

camping with pets

Before the Trip

If your fur baby isn’t used to road trips, it’s time to help them acclimate. Long stretches of time in a vehicle can trigger motion sickness, or even anxiety. Thankfully, these are relatively easy fixes. Ask your vet for gentle treatments that can help settle your dog’s tummy and nerves. Also, another way to prepare them is to take them on shorter distances (around the block, up and down the road) frequently.

camping with pets

And speaking of the vet, this is the time to get your pet microchipped if they aren’t already. Microchipping greatly increases your chances of reuniting with your pet on the off chance they get loose, which is all the worse if you’re in unfamiliar territory.

Say Cheese

Another way that helps reunite pet owners with their missing pets is having photos on hand of their pet that are clear and well lit. You probably have dozens of photos of your pet on your phone already, but make sure to get some that are current, and specifically are taken from different angles like front facing, the side, and anything that shows off specific markings.

camping with pets

Know (and Follow!) The Rules

Check the campground policies for their rules regarding pets. This probably includes topics like the following:

  • Waste removal/cleaning up after your pet
  • Leash policies
  • Noise ordinances, especially after a curfew time
  • Aggression policies

This is your opportunity to take an honest look at the rules and how they will affect your pet, or if they will be a hardship. If you’re staying at a family campground and your pet doesn’t like kids, you might need to pick a campground not geared toward families with young children. Or, if you have a dog who loves to bark and yap (even playfully!), look for a campground whose noise policies are generous and forgiving.

Pack Their Stuff, Too!

Your pet is part of your family – so packing for them means bringing along more than just food and treats. Make sure to pack any meds they’re currently taking and a pet first aid kit, which your vet can make suggestions for. Other must-bring items are:

  • Your dog’s favorite toys
  • Leash
  • Pet waste removal bags

camping with pets

Pet Friendly RVs

When you’re shopping for a new or used RV, it’s important that the unit you choose is just right for everyone in your family – including your fur baby! Ask us to show you some units that have pet-friendly features, like interior feeding stations or exterior leash hookups. Contact us today, and start enjoying your best camping trips yet!

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