Travel Destination: Pinnacles National Park

If you have been looking for a new travel destination for your next family vacation, you should make Pinnacles National Park your next stop. You will find no shortage of things to do or sights to see when you visit this beautiful national park. Bring your loved ones to make memories with these unique landscapes.

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Photo by NPS/Rebecca Ouvry

About Pinnacles National Park

Pinnacles National Park is born of thousands of years old volcanic eruptions. The spilling lava created exquisite landscapes you will only enjoy through your visit to this unique national park. Spend time hiking, rock, climbing, birdwatching, and various other activities to help get you in touch with nature. You will surely get your fill of caverns, rock spires, prairie life, and more throughout your experience with pinnacles national park.

Things to do Around Pinnacles National Park

You will find no shortage of things to do throughout your stay at Pinnacles National Park. With everything from hiking and climbing to sightseeing, you will be able to plan an activity for every day of your visit. Take a look at this list of fun things to plan to do with your loved ones on your next family vacation.

  • Bear Gulch Cave
  • Condor Gulch Trail
  • Bear Gulch Nature Center
  • Balconies Cliffs Trails
  • High Peaks Trail
  • Bear Gulch Reservoir

RV Camping Around Pinnacles National Park

When it comes to finding a suitable campground for your stay near Pinnacles National Park, you are sure to find one that meets your needs. You have multiple options in the surrounding areas, all with amenities to help make your vacation as comfortable as possible. Choose from any one of the following recommended campgrounds for your camping trip.

Recommended Campgrounds:

  • Pinnacles Campground
  • Loop C Campground
  • Yanks RV Resort
  • Montery RV Park
  • Marina Dunes RV Park

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