2019 Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Review

If you’re an environmentally conscious consumer looking for an RV that promises to uphold your values and deliver an amazing experience, look no further than the gorgeous Rockwood Geo Pro. In our 2019 Rockwood Geo Pro Travel Trailer Review we look at how this RV meets your expectations of environmental consciousness and a quality RVing experience. From the solar ground prep to the 100 Watt Roof Mount Solar Panel with a 1000 Watt Inverter, this RV is truly impressive.

Eco Friendly Bathroom

bathroom in geo pro

The Geo Pro’s bathroom was designed to be eco friendly, yet comfortable to use. It offers storage for all of your favorite bathroom items, yet also includes impressive eco friendly features.


  • Shower Miser Watr Saver (NA G12rk, G12STK)
  • Power Awning (NA G12RK & G12SRK)
  • Black Tank Flush (N/A G12RK)
  • 360 Siphon Cap on Black Tank (N/A G12RK, G12SRK)

Great Kitchen

kitchen geo pro

While you might be inclined to think that a eco friendly travel trailer would lack a great kitchen, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, this space offers all the necessary tools to create amazing meals. From the recessed cooktop to the microwave oven, you’ll love creating amazing meals from scratch or just heating up leftovers from a local restaurant you tried the night before.


  • Power Vent Fan  (G14FK, G15TB & G16TH Only)
  • Recessed Cooktop W/ Flush  Mount Cover (N/A G12RK, G12SRK )
  • Microwave Oven
  • Auto Gas/Electric Refrigerator (G19BH, G19FBS & G19FD)  (N/A G12RK)
  • 3-Way Refrigerator (N/A G12RK, G19BH, G19FBS & G19FD)
  • Water Heater, Gas/Electric (N/A G12RK)

Versatile Space

versatile space geo pro
One of the best things about this RV is how versatile the space is. From the comfortable dinette where you can enjoy freshly made meals to the lovely living area, this RV was made to transform to meet your needs. So whether you’re tailgating with friends or camping off the grid with the family, every minute spent in this space will feel like one that is comfortable and homey.

If you’re interested in learning more about our selection of 2019 Rockwood Geo Pro travel trailers for sale, contact us. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through available.

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