5 Reasons Camping Is Good For You

There’s a reason why more and more doctors are prescribing outdoor time to their patients. Getting outside and connecting with nature is a great way to bring mental clarity to your mind in a world of overstimulation and helps to improve physical health as well. Here are 5 reasons camping is good for you.


Learn The Value Of Rest

We live in a busy, busy society. If you aren’t busy you’re often looked at as lazy. But camping gives you the chance to downshift and rest. When you enjoy camping you learn the value of and important art of rest and relaxation. From waking up slowly to winding down for the evening, there’s a lot to be said about just being out in the wilderness.

Appreciate Nature


Camping gives you the unique ability to connect with and appreciate nature. When you’re in the woods seeing wildlife up front and personal, you see how beautiful it is, how fragile it is, and how important it is to appreciate and value it. From seeing your first moose in person to finding unique flora and fauna, connecting with nature will help ground you as a person.

Understand The Importance Of Planning

Planning is a skill that is highly undervalued. Proper planning helps to ensure that what you’re trying to accomplish actually happens. Camping teaches people the importance of planning and essential skills to make sure plans go smoothly. Things like thinking ahead to what you might need to expect to how to handle the unexpected are all skills you will learn.

Connect With Family

Families are busier than ever. Camping gives you a chance to connect with your family and unplug from the outside world. Discover what you love about each other and strengthen the bond that will last you a lifetime.

Grow In Your Confidence

Camping is one of the best ways for kids and adults alike to grow their confidence. From learning the skills that will aid in survival to growing in your ability to interact with strangers (campers are super friendly people), you’ll learn important skills that help you navigate more than just camping, but also life.

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