5 RV Types Explained


Whether you already own a recreational vehicle or are in the market to buy one, you have to understand the differences between them. This guide will help you understand the distinctions between various types of towables. popupcamperig-2


Pop-up campers 

Perfect for the minimalist, over-landing, and entry-level campers. 

Pop-up campers are generally startup types of campers. They are very lightweight and easy to tow by light-duty vehicles. These lightweight towables are the smallest campers you are going to find. Your standard pop-up trailer is going to weigh less than 3000 lbs. Newer models come with electric “pop-up” systems whereas historically speaking a manual crank was required to get the “pop-up” effect. 



Travel Trailers

Family designed trailers with a variety of floor plans and specialty features. 

Travel trailers are a step-up from the pop-up. They are ideal for “get out and go” camping. The utility of minimal setup time compared to the pop-up is significant. You are able to park and go. With automated leveling systems and 3X the amount carrying capacity these versatile trailers are ideal for most if not all family camping needs. 

These campers give you amenities such as indoor bathrooms, showers, and refrigerators. Additionally, with the use of the optimized space, you can even get bunks to use as either sleeping areas or additional storage space.

Their exterior builds are usually all similar. With an A-frame in the front, the weight range on a single axle trailer is normally 4000-5000 lbs. The overall length of a travel trailer is in the ballpark of 19-20 ft. Travel trailers can be purchased with metal or fiber-glass skins. Since virtually any vehicle can pull travel trailers these are usually the most popular choice for campers. 

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Toy Haulers

Ideal for outdoorsy folks and traveling sports teams.

They come in two body styles travel trailers and fifth-wheel builds. Their number one utility is how much garage space they want to incorporate into the body of the trailer. Floor models vary, you are most likely going to purchase a toy hauler with a specific type of already purchased “toy” (golf carts, motorcycles, bicycles, etc.) in mind to store.

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 2020 Forest River RV Cherokee Arctic Wolf 311ML

Fifth Wheels

Ideal for extended road trips and retired folks.   

With a fifth-wheel, there are way more options in regard to overall floor layout. There is no wasted space in fifth wheels such as trailers with with A-frames. The maneuverability, contrary to popular belief, is actually easier than your standard travel trailer This is because the rig sits on top of the truck unlike being on a hitch where problems such as “jack-knifing” can occur. There is no fishtailing effect with the fifth wheel whereas with any a-frame you get this effect which is found in all other types of trailers. 

The floor plans for these models vary and so does their pricing. Since these are some of the most sought after trailers their pricing can range from economical 3K models to more high end luxury campers starting at 60K. Fifth wheels have become the top pick for those who travel full time. 




Destination Trailers

A true home away from home, not incredibly maneuverable but the ultimate camping machine. 

Destination trailers are a great option for full-time RVers as they are larger than any other trailer and offer tons of interior space. This gives them the most amount of floor plan options to choose from. The weight range is around 8500-10000 lbs. These things are heavy and will kill your gas mileage. They are not primarily designed to be used in the same way as your fifth wheel. You get all the features lost in all the other models but you sacrifice maneuverability for space.

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