6 Different Types of RV Trailers to Consider When Looking to Buy

RV for sale can mean many different things since RV choices are endless! Thankfully, Fun Town RV
provides you with all the knowledge on RV trailer options:

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers are the most popular non-motorized RV, thanks to the large variety of sizes and shapes
they come in. From small jellybean-shaped with rear kitchen to massive house-on-wheels with large
windows and sliding glass doors or even a more traditional queen/king bedroom with bunks in the back,
this category of trailers has something for everyone’s unique needs.

Fifth Wheels


The “fifth wheel” name comes from the U-shaped mounting bracket that hooks onto the cargo bed of
the tow truck. This type of RV is preferred amongst travelers taking extended trips as it offers a more
spacious living quarter. The section that overhangs the tow truck bed is typically the bedroom suite,
allowing for an expansive rear living and kitchen space.

Toy Haulers

Identifiable by the “garage” found in the back, with ramp doors for easy loading and unloading, these
haulers were designed for four-wheelers or bikes storage. This model has proven to be much more
though! There is potential of utilizing the haulers space differently. For example, as open-concept living
space or multi-purpose utility/storage. Another bonus is the option of it on travel trailers, fifth wheels or
even motorhomes.



Destination trailers are the original tiny home. Meant to be more stationary rather than on-the-go, they
are more suited for individuals who are looking to be somewhere more long term. These units are also
self contained, meaning they have their own holding tank, grey water, and black water tanks. They
feature the highest quality amenities of any RV, such as: full-sized washers/dryers, residential
refrigerators, etc., that make them feel more like a home than a trailer.

Pop-Up Campers

Pop-up campers bring extra living space once parked through pop-ups and slide-outs. These expandable
sections can be either hard-sided slide-outs in the bedroom or living space or soft-sided pop-up sections.
Although these models do not offer the typical bunkhouse room, they characteristically offer
double/queen beds. Pop-up campers provide flexibility, both on the road and in the campground.


Motorhomes come in three “classes”: A, B, and C, and offer many layouts that can incorporate full
bedrooms and bunk beds.

Class A: The largest motorhomes, offering spacious sleeping and living areas with full kitchen and
upscale bathrooms.
Class C: Still large, but at a lower price point with the key feature of raised sleeping and/or storage areas
extended over the cab. Also offered in a choice of: full-size, compact or super-sized.
Class B: Smaller, streamlined, and more fuel efficient, but still hosting all the luxurious amenities. These
compact motorhomes utilize every square inch of interior space.

Fun Town RV is a one-stop shop, offering both new and used options for all 6 types of trailers! We back
our “Camper For Sale” signage with professional knowledge and understanding of the RV market.

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