7 Things You Didn’t Know You Needed For RV Camping

Whether you are a full-time RVer or a weekend camper, here are some items that you might not know you will need for each RV camping trip.


Wheel Chocks

Every RV needs a set of wheel chocks to prevent the trailer from rolling away while parked. Chocks are wedges with a traction pad, that are placed underneath the tires to keep the coach stationary. It is important to know the size and weight of your RV when purchasing wheel chocks to ensure the best grip. It is also necessary to consider the material the chocks are made out of. The desirable components are durable, hard plastic material, containing UV inhibitors so that they can last longer. The most beneficial wheel chocks are the MaxxHaul 70472 Solid Rubber Wheel Chocks. These chocks provide excellent support and durability with their rubber traction pads and are made to sustain environmental factors. They provide utmost safety by ensuring the rig stays in place.


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Leveling Blocks

All RVs need some type of leveling blocks to level the camper when in use. It is critical to level your RV to ensure an even weight distribution and also allow your refrigerator to function properly. Most rigs contain an absorption fridge, and if the RV isn’t level, then this will create extensive damage to your fridge. It is resourceful to invest in leveling blocks at a lower expense, to refrain from not being level and having to purchase a new refrigerator at an even greater expense. Installing leveling blocks is fairly easy. First, to make things easier, stick-on-levels can be purchased and placed on the outside of your RV, to keep you from running inside and back outside to check the levels. Second, the type and weight of your RV will affect which form of level block to choose. The different varieties include leveling blocks, leveling ramps and screw actuated scissor levelers, (which are best for lightweight RVs). The best RV leveling blocks are the bright orange, stackable Lynx Levelers. These blocks are light, easy to assemble and for a low cost.

Sewer Hose

An RV sewer hose is an inexpensive attachment that every RVer should obtain. It is beneficial to acquire a quality hose that will withstand its purpose. It is important to choose an adequate hose to cease the chances of it getting easily punctured and leaking raw sewage. The superb RV sewer hose is Lippert Waste Master. This hose includes an integrated shut-off valve, clear view port, end fittings permanently attached and is crush resistant. The Waste Master hose is leak proof and has a smooth inside, which eliminates pockets that can trap debris.

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Fresh Water Hose

It is fundamental to invest in a valuable fresh water hose to protect the best living conditions in your RV. The government approves certain materials to be specifically used for the making of water hoses to ensure the safety of drinking water. It is necessary to select a quality fresh water hose, to maintain clean H2O for your RV. The prominent RV water hose is a Camco Premium Drinking Water Hose.This hose is durably manufactured, less susceptible to leaks and punctures due to its thickness and is UV-resistant, heightening its strength. With the hose being UV-resistant, it guarantees a longer life cycle than other hoses. Lastly, this Camco hose is the best because it is free of harmful substances, including phthalate, BPA and lead, providing the absolute freshest drinking water.

Water Pressure Regulator

Having a sufficient RV water pressure regulator adequately protects the plumbing system of your recreational vehicle. Campgrounds can have very high water pressures, and it is necessary to manage these levels to prevent damages to your RV. While newer RVs can sustain up to 100 psi, it is recommended they stay around the 60 psi range and older models at 50psi, which can be tracked with a water pressure regulator. The best regulator is the Renator M11-0660R. This device has a lead-free, powerful gauge that uses oil to decrease friction that could occur between other interior machinery. This regulator is adjustable, allowing you to make modifications of up to 160 psi. Lastly, since this attachment is lead free, it will experience a longer life, while staying free of rust with different types of weather exposure.
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Black Water Chemical

Black water chemicals are essential to eliminate odor and digest waste in your RV’s holding tanks, keeping the septic system functional. Black water chemicals are a treatment made of a bacteria and enzyme composition used to consume solid waste materials and sanitize the holding tanks. It can also defeat clogs or blockages in toilets and showers. The best black water chemical is the Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank Treatment. This chemical works best in neutralizing odors, is biodegradable and will guarantee satisfactory results no matter the weather. It is manufactured with a highly concentrated mixture of monohydrate minerals and micronutrients that break down waste in a short period of time.


Electronic Management System

An Electronic Management System (EMS) will protect your RV from power surges and will disconnect power from your rig if any other power issues are encountered. A common form of a power surge emerges from a lightning strike. Other power issues include under or over voltage protection, reverse polarity protection, and high and low frequency protection. If you are plugged into an inaccurately wired platform, then this could fry all of your devices that are plugged in, or encounter substantial damages due to low voltage. An EMS system is more costly, but has more features that will protect you and your RV from these potential threats. The best type of EMS manufacturer is Progressive Industries. This company offers lifetime warranty, integrated locking bracket, all weather shield assembly and is field serviceable. Exceptional customer service is performed, along with key features that make this provider superior.


That’s it! You’re ready for wherever the road leads you. Visit Camptown Outfitters for these seven essentials and much more.

Happy Camping!

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