Big Bend National Park: A World Away From Ordinary

Are you looking for peace, quiet, and solitude this summer? Before you think you need to head north to Glacier National Park or Yellowstone, think again. Right here in gorgeous Texas we have Big Bend National Park. This park is a world away from ordinary and offers you tons of adventure that’s off the grid, exciting, and sure to reconnect you with your nature loving side.

big bend
By Brian W. Schaller – Own work, FAL,

Fossil Discoveries

Big Bend is home to fossils that are quite ancient. It’s a great opportunity to educate the kids on natural history and teach them a thing or two about how Texas was formed and what was there before them. The Fossil exhibit is open from dawn to dusk and is wheelchair accessible.

There’s also a shady picnic area nearby, as well as fossil themed structures the kids can play and climb on. Pack a lunch and take a couple hours to learn about the natural history behind this park. Just remember that you don’t want to bring your RV into this parking lot as it isn’t meant to accommodate RVs.

Backcountry Activities

south rim big bend

A wide range of backcountry activities are available to RVers. From backpacking to hiking to horseback riding, canoeing, and kayaking, there’s no shortage of activities at the park. The key is to determine what you want to do, then make sure you’re adequately prepared. Remember, this park is located far from modern amenities and you need plenty of water and food while engaging in any activity out there.

Backcountry Permits

Whether you’re doing roadside camping, primitive camping, or backpacking, you need a $12 a day backcountry permit. These can only be obtained in person and up to 24 hours in advance for up to 14 consecutive days. Per the website, “Permit authorizes camping only at designated sites in the Chisos Mountains or at designated backcountry roadside campsites. You must choose your campsite(s) at the time the permit is issued. Wilderness camping requires specifying a particular zone for each night.”

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