Five Steps to Follow when Trading In your RV

Trading in your camper shouldn’t happen on a whim. Follow Fun Town RV’s guide to help you make the
most of your trade-in:

Prepare your RV

The better your RV looks and feels, the better RV trade value you’ll receive. It’s good practice to ensure
your RV is clean and in good working order. Take care of these core things before trading in you RV:
✓ Complete detailing
✓ Empty/wash out storage areas
✓ Ensure awnings are in good condition
and working
✓ Clean up the engine bay, engine and
generator [degreaser and power
✓ Replace stained/damaged upholstery
✓ Empty personal items
✓ Ensure RV’s systems are working [ie.
lights, windows, appliances, etc.]
✓ Have original paperwork and owners’
✓ Make any required repairs
✓ Ensure there’re no leaks in the
✓ Gather all keys

Small things go a long way with making your RV look and feel new. Following this checklist allows you to
feel confident knowing that you will get the most out of your travel trailer trade value.

Know What You’re Looking For

Whether it is a specific type/model or your “must-have” list, knowing what you’re looking for in your
new, or newer, RV is a time saver! This knowledge is helpful to you [financial planning], but also to your
dealer, as they can then guide you through the trade-in process more effectively by targeting those
needs directly.

Do Your Research – Know the Market

Research what the market suggestions you should receive as a trade-in value for your current RV, but
also the going rates on any RV that you’re considering trading in for. A fifth wheel trade value will be
quite different from a toy hauler trade value, be aware of the market and your options. Having this
background information ensures you’re able to negotiate a worth-while trade-in deal.

Loans and Finances

When looking to trade your RV for a newer or larger model, you can expect to require a loan. Consider
how much cash you have to put down, the expected trade-in value of your current RV, expected cost of
your RV, what you’re pre-approved for and what this adjustment in financial responsibility will mean for
your life. Explore your lending options, different banks and avenues will have different interest rates and
payment plan options. This is a step some RV buyers will wait to explore with their RV dealer who may
present different options available for you for borrowing the money.

Selecting an RV Dealer

Exploring your dealership options can ensure quality service! You never want to get stuck with RV
problems and have a dealership that’s unable to help you quickly and efficiently. Some special service
functions to ask a potential RV dealer about are:
✓ Body work
✓ Paint repair
✓ Parts department
✓ Certified engine mechanics
✓ Dealer certified maintenance
✓ Financial department
✓ RV security

Ask questions, and go for tours before deciding what dealership is right for you.

You aren’t alone in this journey when you come to Fun Town RV! Reach out to your local Fun Town RV
Dealer to speak to a knowledgeable representative about all your RV trade-in needs.

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