Is Full Time RV Living For You?

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If you’re like most other RVers chances are you’ve sat in your RV relishing your vacation and wishing you could do this all the time. Now, full time RV living isn’t for everyone, but with some major and minor adjustments to your lifestyle, you might find that life on the road 24/7 is actually something you really can do. Determining whether you can live full time on the road simply takes some consideration and thought toward some logistics.

Money | If you’re not retired and still need to bring in an income, you first must consider how you will do this. Does your current career allow you to work from home? If so you can hitch up and go with just an internet connection. Do you have debt that’s holding you down? You’ll need to pay it off before you hit the road. Do you live simply and are open to working basic jobs at camp sites? You could try workamping.

Living Space | While living on the road is appealing, it means that you’ll be spending all of your time in your RV. With that in mind, you need to think about whether your current RV could meet full time RVing needs or if you’ll need to trade up. If you do trade up your RV consider what you’ll want in a kitchen, if you need a half bathroom in addition to a full bathroom, and what kind of entertainment system you’ll want.

Become a Budgeting Pro | If you’ve never budgeted before, you’ll want to start. In addition to budgeting for gas, insurance, and camp sites, you’ll want to think about groceries. One great way to save money on groceries is to shop and farmer’s markets and buy local produce. Avoid the allure of eating out and cook mainly at home. It saves money and is much more healthy.

Stay Active | Sure, RVing in itself is an activity that keeps you busy, but make time for health and wellness. Try finding a gym that offers nationwide membership and flexibility. Anytime Fitness is a great choice because it also is open 24/7. If you’re on top of your health, you’ll be able to enjoy life on the road to the fullest.

This is just a snapshot of what you should consider when looking at the idea of full time RVing. Do you live life on the road full time? Share with us on Google+.

Photo Credit: By Jarek Tuszynski aka Jarekt (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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