Fun Finder XTREME Lite Travel Trailers: 3 Items for Comfort

Take a look at the Fun Finder XTREME Lite travel trailers for sale here at Fun Town RV! These amazing campers are built to make you and your loved ones more comfortable during every aspect of an RVing trip. Here are 3 of the most popular features of of this RV to make your trip better.

Fun Finder XTREME Lite Travel Trailer
Take a look inside our Fun Finder XTREME Lite Travel Trailers!

1. Lightweight Design

The Fun Finder XTREME is designed to be in the lightweight classification of campers. By keeping the weight of the trailer down, it allows you to tow it more easily with a smaller vehicle like an SUV or smaller truck. Pulling a lightweight model will increase your comfort by being easier on your vehicle without sacrificing the spaciousness and beauty of the interior.

2. Residential Quality

Fun Finder XTREME Lite Travel Trailer Interior
The spacious interior comes full of residential quality features.

Owning a Fun Finder travel trailer is like having your home on wheels. Throughout the interior, there are features that will remind you of home due to their high quality. Things like solid surface countertops in the kitchen, free-standing furniture, and Shaw carpeting with a stain-resistant treatment will add to the design of the inside while keeping everything at residential quality standards.

3. Plenty of Sleeping Space

Fun Finder XTREME Lite Travel Trailer Bunkhouse
Have room for everyone in the bunk and bunkhouse floorplans.

Many of these XTREME Lite floorplans will come with either a set of bunk bed or an entirely separate bunkhouse. For larger families, having sleeping space for everyone is important, and with these bunk bed options, you will never have to wonder if you have enough room. Plus, the bunkhouse will give the kids in your group a private area that they can called their own!

Being comfortable while traveling is important, and luckily, all of our Fun Finder XTREME Lite travel trailers comes with plenty of features meant to fit this need perfectly. To learn more about all this camper can offer you, be sure to contact us or stop by one of our locations today!

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