Fun Town RV Designated As First Riverstone Fifth Wheel Dealer

Riverstone RV from Forest River
Check out the Riverstone

The Forest River RV line has struck again with yet another fantastic luxury fifth wheel — Riverstone! But, that’s not all; this news is a little closer to home than just an awesome new RV that can bring an all new level of comfort and enjoyment to your family’s vacations this year.

Forest River RV has selected Fun Town RV in Cleburne as its first Riverstone Fifth Wheel dealer! These amazing RVs will be arriving mid-October. 



So what does this mean for you?


It means that, the time for putting off purchasing a brand new fifth wheel is over! Come on down to Fun Town to see the absolutely outstanding Riverstone fifth wheel for yourself and see why it is a new flagship for the standard of luxury and style in the Forest River catalog.

The Riverstone fifth wheel is more than just a run-of-the-mill towable; it is crafted specifically for extended use. This means that if you and your family are looking for an awesome fifth wheel to spend a month in the summer in, this is your RV. If you want to take a country-wide trip to see all of the beautiful American scenery, this is your RV. If you want to just disappear to the coast for the winter, this is your RV!

“Fun Town RV is excited to be the first Riverstone dealer,” said Fun Town RV Owner Jarrod McGhee. “This is a great fit for our fifth wheel customers looking for the luxury fifth wheel.”

Directly from the owner’s mouth, we are absolutely ecstatic to show you everything that the Riverstone is made of. What is more is that Riverstone will only be coming to select dealers throughout the country at all. This means that you’re unlikely to find this cornerstone for camping innovation anywhere other than the Fun Town locations for quite some time. Be an early adopter!

If you are interested in the Riverstone Fifth Wheel and want to get in from the get-go with this terrific RV, make sure that you contact us today for more information.These amazing RVs will be arriving


Image Credit: RV Dealer Report

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