Giving your RV A Good Scrubdown

With the winter on its way out the door, there’s one thing us RVers are looking forward to:¬†unveiling of our RV from hibernation. Most of us have set it aside and parked it for the last few months and haven’t paid much attention to it. What’s the one thing we all think of once we uncover our old friend and step inside the neglected interiors? It needs a good, thorough clean, from head to toe. What better way to get RVing season underway than with a sparkling clean RV? Here are a few tips on making your RV shine.

Cleaning the Exterior

It collects dust, road grime and bugs like no other vehicle on the road, simply because of its size. You’ve probably got bugs in places where you’ve never seen bugs and dirt in just about every crevice in the exterior of your RV. Choose an RV soap cleaner that’s meant to cut through dirt and bug residue and restore the shine of your RV. A good power-washer will come in handy to get the stubborn stains and grime off of your windows, exterior doors and side panels.

Cleaning your roof requires a brush and special RV roof cleaners to treat the rubber used to manufacture your roof. If you use the wrong type you can severely shorten the life of your roof by drying it out and creating cracks that end up causing leaks. While you’re up there, you can inspect for cracks and repair leaky spots using specially formulated leak repair tape. There’s no sense in taking your RV out on vacation if there’s a leak.

Window Cleaners

Your RV’s windows are a great way to view the natural world around you and when you’re out on a campsite, that’s part of the reason you’re there! But, dirty windows are no fun to look through. When you’re out cleaning your RV, pay special attention to all of the windows, inside and out, to maintain your clear vision on the outside world. There are quite a few streak-free glass cleaners and fog inhibitors out on the market so choose wisely!

Cleaning the Interior

After a long period of inactivity, surely there’s a layer of dust that covers everything inside your RV. A quality multi-surface cleaner will be sure to soak up that dust and leave your counters and surfaces clean and allergen-free. Making sure the bathroom and kitchen are clean is one way to make sure there’s nothing hiding somewhere that could end up causing a stink somewhere down the road. Treating your water tanks with a deodorizer will help get rid of that mildew smell and those stinky odors coming from your black and gray water tanks.

Of course, these are just a few tips on keeping your RV clean, there are plenty more ways to get your RV ready to hit the road when the time comes. When you’re ready to get your hands dirty and clean up, visit The Outdoor Outfitters and take a look at what they can provide you with to help.


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