How To Keep Thieves Out Of Your RV

In general RVers are a community-oriented bunch. We help each other when needed and value the friendships we make out on a campsite. We trust each other and would do anything to help another RVer out. With that being said, there are shady people out there and, as much as we don’t want to admit it, we are easy targets for theft. I’ve caught myself driving away from a campsite and remembering that I didn’t lock the door. We are trusting souls and sometimes we have blinders on when it comes to thieves. The tips I’m going to talk to you about can prevent a shady character from waltzing into your investment and taking some of your prized possessions.

  • Purchase a coupler lock or fifth wheel lock. This will ensure that someone doesn’t back up to your RV when you’re out to dinner and take your RV right from your campsite.
  • Always lock your door, even if you’re going around the corner. Thieves are meticulous and patient. They will watch your RV and notice when no one is home. Next thing you know, your laptop, iPad and mini stereo are nowhere to be found.
  • Ask questions about security. Ask the management of the RV park if they have patrols, how well lit the park is, if there are more than one entrance and exit, and how hard it is for guests to enter the park.
  • Lock your exterior storage units. They are a prime candidate for thieves.
  • Always lock your towing vehicle. If they can’t get into your RV, they’ll try your vehicle. An alarm system is useless if your doors aren’t locked and the system isn’t armed.
  • Lock your bicycles to a tree or other stationary heavy object. Bikes are one of the easiest items to steal, someone could easily walk onto your campsite while you’re sleeping or out at the grocery store and hop on.
  • Move your outdoor chairs and grills inside. I don’t know what I’d do without my grill, probably starve.
  • Get to know your neighbors. If we are all get to know each other, we can be more aware of unfamiliar people mulling around the campsites and report them, if needed.
  • Purchase a fire-resistant safe. A good safe that has been mounted to the flooring will be sure and keep your passports, driver’s licenses and other important documents out of the hands of the people who wish to steal them.
  • Keep your blinds and shades closed when you’re away to eliminate the possibility of someone “casing” your RV. Basically, if they can’t see anything inside the RV, they have no idea whether or not there is anything of value inside it.

One of the best theft deterrents out there is man’s best friend. Dogs have an uncanny ability to hear even the slightest sounds and can sense when someone who is not supposed to be there, is walking around your property. If any thief sees a dog, they will assuredly run the other direction.

Have you ever had your property stolen from a campsite? What do you do to keep thieves away? Share with us on Facebook and Google+.


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