How to Keep Your RV Cool Without The AC

Let’s face it: we’re in the dead of summer and it can get pretty darn hot, especially down here in Texas. Butting running the AC in your RV isn’t always an option. Have no fear, there are some quick and simple ways to keep your RV cool without having to run the AC.

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Park In The Shade

Keep your RV out of the sun and under the shade. This helps keep it cool by reducing the ambient temperature around it. Plus, when the sun isn’t able to get into your windows, you ensure your RV isn’t turning into your own personal oven.


Make sure your RV is properly ventilated. Keep windows open to allow for a cross breeze. Remember that if you are park in the sun to keep windows on the sunny side closed and only open those under the shade.

Cover Your Windows

2020 Forest River RV R Pod RP-196

Ensure your RV stays cool by pulling the shades down when the sun is at its peak. Large picture windows can be worst offenders when it comes to letting heat into your RV, so if you’re vacationing in a particularly warm place you might want to keep the shades drawn all day. Even if you plan to run your AC, keeping the shades drawn can help lessen the stress on your AC unit.

Bring Your Own Shade

Bring along extra tarps in case there isn’t enough shade to be found. A tarp can be easily strung up and used to provide instant shade wherever you are. Just attach the tarp to any nearby trees or posts and park right under it.

Use LED Lighting

LED lighting is much brighter, yet more energy efficient and cooler than other lighting methods. By choosing to use LED lights you’ll save on energy costs and put out much less heat than if you were using traditional bulbs.

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