How to Make a Summer Charcuterie Board

Summer is for fruit, wine, and long nights hanging out with family. This summer charcuterie board is sure to make your family and friends squeal in culinary delight when you present it to them. It’s beautiful, nutritious, and sure to be a hit with people of all ages.

cold cuts

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  • lb sliced prosciutto
  • 1lb sopressata
  • 1lb salami
  • ounces brie cheese, cut into a wedge
  • ounces manchego cheese, cut into thin wedges and placed in a circle
  • ounces goat cheese, left whole for guests to cut
  • ounces sharp cheddar cheese, cut into squares and fanned
  • ounces whole grain mustard, spooned into a ramekin
  • ounces fruit preserves, spooned into a ramekin
  • ounces cornichons, placed in ramekin
  • bunch grapes, left on the vine
  • cup raspberries, left whole and placed throughout
  • 1of a fresh peach, cut into wedges
  • 3 -4 fresh figs, cut in half
  • 1cup salted pecans
  • 10 seeded crackers, fanned around the board
  • cup pita chips, stacked in the corner
  • 15 breadsticks, placed in a jar for height
  • rosemary sprigs(to garnish)


bread and sausage

  • Cheese: Very important! Cut your brie into a large wedge. Next, cut the manchego into thin wedges, and fan them with their points facing one another. Lastly, cut your cheddar into cubes, and do a fun little stack! Goat cheese can stay whole with a cheese knife near it, so guests can cut it for themselves.
  • Meat: The prosciutto is thinly sliced, and can be bunched up for an effortless beauty. Because the soppressata is cut thicker than the rest, we like to fan it along the board. Salami is a great way to get creative. If you fold it in half, and then in half once more, it can sit right side up. Intertwine all the salami folds to make a rose bouquet.
  • Condiments + Sidekicks: You can’t have condiments without bowls. Investing in a few ramekins for your delicious spreads to complement your meats and cheese isn’t a bad idea. (Tip: you can also use old jam jars or mason jars you have handy) Place three ramekins in different spots around the board, and fill each with your whole grain mustard, fruit preserves, and cornichons.
  • Fruit: Fresh fruit is your friend. Find a spot for your grapes. (Tip: keeping them on the vine brings some height without them falling off the board) Cutting apples, pears or peaches in wedges gives a cleaner look, while cutting seasonal fruits like figs in half will show off its colorful, textured inside. Raspberries should be stacked in places that need to be filled.
  • Crackers: The remaining space you have on your board is now dedicated to different types of nuts and crackers/crisps. Place your salted pecans either in one spot, or scatter them in different areas. Fan your seeded crackers, and stack your pita chips. Place a ramekin or jar down, if room permits, and use that for the long breadsticks! (tip: This allows them to stick up and add dimension).
  • Garnishes: Lastly, jazz it up! Garnish does wonders while bringing color and texture to your board. There are several different herbs and edible flowers you can use. We chose sprigs of rosemary. Place them around, and break them in half if needed. This will bring your board over the top.

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