Toy Haulers: The Swiss Army Knife of RVs

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It goes without saying that a toy hauler can be a practical RV for those with motorized hobbies. What I want to bring to everyone’s attention is that the wonderful amount of spare cargo space isn’t just for those with motorized “Big Boy Toys”. Now, I know you are thinking, “Well, yeah, I thought that was obvious”. However, you’d be surprised at the reasons people pass on buying a toy hauler that, in fact, may actually be a perfect fit for their needs.

Toy haulers are basically mini houses you can take on the road and have a garage that can be used to store larger, activity based items like jet skis, ATVs, kayaks, race cars, and more. As I was saying earlier, a toy hauler may cater to a few things specifically, but it also does a lot of things really well. With a little imagination you can use the space for a whole host of reasons.

For example, many toy hauler owners use the extra space to expand their living area. Further, some families use toy haulers as playrooms for their children, or as in-laws quarters for larger family vacations. I’ve heard of carpenters using it for a comfortable, covered work space fully equipped with everything he needs to go out on jobs. I’ve also see toy haulers used at swap meets and flea markets and even for traveling bands who need space for gear and living quarters. Basically, a toy hauler’s capabilities is only limited by your imagination.

Toy haulers are offered as high end, luxurious fifth wheels, or economical, but comfortable travel trailers, which can be lightweight and fuel efficient. The options for toy hauler floorplans are numerous too! Depending on the brand and floorplan you purchase, they can include just basic creature comforts, or feature fantastic luxury options like king sized beds, residential appliances, and gourmet kitchens. Regardless of your lifestyle, or needs, Fun Town RV is sure to have a toy hauler that you’ll love.

If you are having difficulty figuring out which toy hauler is right for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us and one of our friendly staff will assist you in choosing the best toy hauler for you!

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