Protecting Your RV Investment

RVing is definitely a relaxing, stress-free past-time. There’s nothing quite like packing up the necessities, grabbing a few friends and taking weekend trip to the lake, mountains or National Park. Taking it easy and enjoying life are two hallmarks of just about any RVer. But there’s always the possibility of things going awry. RV and motorhome theft are a problem that I wish didn’t exist, but it does. RVers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet, always willing to lend a helping hand or offer sage advice, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t malicious people out there who are plotting and planning how to get inside your RV or take it completely. That’s why we always recommend protecting yourself with locks that will make it harder for anyone to gain access or back up to your RV and take it with them. Through our parts and accessories store, The Outdoor Outfitters, we offer a good selection of options to keep your possessions and your investment safe. Here are a few that we recommend to just about any RVer. Of course, these are in addition to the door locks which we always recommend locking when you are away from your RV.

Hitch & Trailer Lock Set by CT Johnson

The trailer hitch with a ball and ball mount presents a unique challenge because there are multiple places that could be removed, allowing for a thief access to your RV. The hitch pin that holds the ball mount to your trailer hitch could be removed and then another truck could back up to it, insert the ball mount, still attached to the coupler, into the trailer hitch, and drive off with your investment. There’s also the chance that someone could undo the latch on the coupler that clamps down on the ball and does the same. The best way to combat that is to eliminate the possibility of both. With the hitch and trailer lock set, you get a hitch pin lock and a coupler¬†latch lock, both keyed alike so it won’t weigh down your pocket with different keys.


Fifth Wheel King Pin Lock by PAKtron

Fifth-wheel RVs run the same risks of someone backing up to it and hitching up and taking off. The most foolproof way to stop a robber in their tracks is to have one of these locks covering the hitch, so with one glance, they will know that they are messing with the wrong RVers. With a heavy duty padlock, heavy gauge steel and a zinc finish, this lock with protect your house-on-wheels for many years to come.


Hatch Locks

Nowadays, all new RVs come with hatch locks to secure the storage space accessible from the outside of the RV. But that doesn’t mean they always stay in working order. We hear of many people who have lost possessions due to broken hatch locks that they neglected to take care of or replace. Meaning your storage areas are ripe for the picking. If you have any locks that need to be replaced, do it asap, after all, there’s no telling what you’ll end up putting in your pass-through storage that could cost you a pretty penny to replace.

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