RV Service Checklist

One of the most common concerns we get from new RVers is how to service their RV. Well, worry no more. Our RV service checklist will help you understand  the ins and outs of RV service as well as what to look for. This list covers what you should do prior to each trip, monthly, quarterly, twice and year, and annually.

RVing is a wonderful hobby that individuals, couples, and families alike enjoy. By ensuring your RV is kept spic and span and mechanically sound, you can use your RV year round and avoid costly repairs down the line. Routine RV service is absolutely critical to keeping your RV in the best shape and ensuring it is a key part of care.

If you ever need help with RV service you can always contact our RV service team and ensure that you get the best service possible from a team that is dedicated to you.

Sanibel fifth wheel

Prior to each trip:

  • Check tire pressure and tire wear and tear
  • Check battery
  • Ensure all lights are working
  • Secure any loose furniture or items
  • Make sure all appliances are unplugged
  • Ensure the roof is clear of debris


  • Ensure water levels in battery are at the right level
  • Run the generator


  • Check LP gas lines (TIP: use soapy water to check for leaks)
  • Clean filters
  • Ensure all electric hardware is operational
  • Tighten battery cables
  • Clean all seals along the doors, roof, shower, and awnings

Every 6 Months:

  • Rotate your tires (be sure to check with your tire manufacturer’s guidelines)
  • Check smoke detector and CO2 detector batteries
  • Make sure your LP system is a go by taking it to one of our service centers
  • Check gas appliances and lines


  • Ensure all seals are of high quality and have been checked by a qualified technician
  • Monitor for leaks and water damage
  • Sanitize all holding tanks including the fresh water system

Interested in learning more about RVing? Contact us. Our team can help you find the best RV for your needs and can also walk you through the ins and outs of RV financing. Our dedicated team knows a thing or two about RVing and is excited to share their knowledge with you. We look forward to serving your RV needs.

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