RV Tips: 4 Ways to Keep Your RV Organized

This year, stay tidy at the campground when you utilize some of these great RV tips for organization! We’ll show you the best ways to keep up with everyone’s things without the stress. Learn more about staying tidy with this full-time RVing family!

Command Velcro on Your Remote

One of the best ways to keep track of your remote is to attach Command velcro strips to the back to always be returned to its spot and stay in place while you’re on the move! We also use this trick for our console controllers if you are traveling with a gaming system or any other items you want within easy reach but don’t want to move around in transit.

Over-the-Door Storage for Shoes

Another great hack that we just learned about and can’t wait to use in our space is using over-the-door hooks on the base of your bed to give you a convenient place for all your shoes to hang. I have a lot of boots, so they probably will still need some closet space, but this should clear up a lot of our space by hanging the shoes around the edge of the bed.

Pet Food Storage and Feeding

Getting a combination pet bowl and food storage container is a must! You can find plenty of options online, but the Neat Feeder on Amazon is an excellent option that makes it easy to store your pet’s food and provides a designated place for their bowls.

Uniform Plastic Bins for Under-Storage

Our under-storage was a nightmare for the first year and a half of living in our fifth wheel. We had too much stuff, and it was not organized well. We got rid of a ton of none essentials and switched everything into uniform plastic bins with labels, so it’s easy to find what we’re looking for when we need it.

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