RV Tips: 6 Hacks for an Easy Setup at the Campground

These easy RV tips will help you to make the most of your time at the campground by making setup a breeze! Check out these tips for setting up at the campground from full-time RVers and make your trip safe and fun for everyone. Learn more below.


At the Campground, Drive with Your Windows Down

As soon as you pull into the campground, putting your windows down is a great idea. This will help you to get an idea of the noise level of the campground, but it also allows you to watch out for kids, animals, and more as you make your way to your campsite.

Traveling with a Furry Friend? Bring Records

If you’re bringing along your dog, you’ll want to ensure you have all their vaccination records in easy reach. It’s not unheard of for campground employees to check your dog’s records before allowing you into the campground. Be sure your pet is up-to-date, and you have all the necessary documents to avoid being turned away.

dog traveling

Check Out Your Site Before You Pull In

When you find your assigned site, get out and look around. This allows you to decide if it is satisfactory or if you’d like to request a different site before you take the time to get set up. We recommend looking at how level the ground is, the picnic area, and the hookups all before pulling into the actual site.  

Double-Check Your RV’s Level from Side to Side

Most RVs these days have auto-leveling systems. However, you may want to bring a level to double-check that you’re level on all sides before you start getting the rest of your campsite setup. This can help you avoid needing to relevel your RV after you’ve unpacked.

After Parking the RV, Check Out the Spacing and Angle

Once your RV is backed into place, and before you start putting out slides or leveling the RV, get out and check that you have adequate spacing around the RV. You’ll want to check the distance from the RV to trees and all your hookups and ensure there’s space for your awning to unfold.

parked motorhome

Follow all of these useful tips for RV camping, and you’ll be set! Contact us to find the perfect RV for your adventures at Fun Town RV.

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