RVing Tips For Traveling With Pets

One of the biggest perks of RV ownership is being able to bring your pets along with you. RVing allows you to bring your pets wherever you are and keep them a part of your life. Most RV parks allow animals (be sure to check with wherever you plant to visit as a precaution), which eliminates the concern you would go through when choosing a hotel or resort to vacation at. Additionally, because your RV is your own space, animals are less likely to feel anxious. When they see bits of home that they remember, they feel at ease.

Bringing your pets along on your next RV vacation takes a little planning. These RVing tips for traveling with pets should help.


One of the most important parts is ensuring they are microchipped. Microchipping is quick procedure that can be done by your vet in minutes. It involves injecting a microchip into your pet that is the size of a grain of rice. This microchip includes all of your contact information so if your pet ends up getting lost whoever finds him or her can scan the chip and get in touch with you.

Another important part of traveling is making sure your pet is up to date on all shots. Because you’ll likely be moving through different states and possibly meeting other pets, keeping your pet’s shots up to date is a main part of maintaining their overall health.


While keeping your pets comfortable should be your number one priority, once you reach the RV park you need to think about your neighbors. Make sure you clean up after your pet when you take them for walks and, when it is time to wind down at night, ensure your dog isn’t barking and keeping the neighbors up. Ultimately it comes down to respecting your neighbors.

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