Tailgating Tips: 5 Ways to Improve Your Tailgating Experience

Whether you plan to spend your days at the campground or tailgating with friends, the fall months bring out some of the getting outside! These tailgating tips will help you to pack everything you need to enjoy your time while you wait for the big game to start! Learn more below.

Tailgating food

Plan the menu ahead of time

First, you should plan out your meals ahead of time to make it easier to cook everything while you’re tailgating. Additionally, spending a little bit of time before you leave the house preparing all your ingredients beforehand can help you to have less mess to clean up.

Pack the items you’re likely to forget

Several days before you’re going to leave, start adding things to the RV that you’re likely to forget to pack. We like to pack things like tarps, toilet paper, paper towels, trash bags, and other essentials that we may forget ahead of time.

Check the weather

It’s vital to check the weather before you plan a big tailgating event. Fall is incredibly finicky when it comes to the weather changes, so you’ll want to be able to plan ahead for rain by bringing extra tarps, a cold front by packing blankets and sweatshirts, and any other weather conditions.

Have a lot of water

One thing you don’t want is for anyone to get dehydrated while you’re out. You can avoid this by packing plenty of bottled water or a couple of gallons of water to take to the campground. We even set up a water station with cups and a water faucet to make it easy to refill.

Bring disposables

Save yourself some time and pack disposables for as much as you can. We opt for eco-friendly versions, but bringing paper plates, cups, and straws is an excellent way to save yourself from having a lot of cleanup work to do once the day is over.

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