To Buy New or Used When RV Shopping

RVing has grown in popularity over the last few years, in every category from fifth wheel to toy hauler,
resulting in many more people in the market for a travel trailer that compliments their travel style.
However, there is great debate whether one should buy a new or used travel trailer. What are the pros
and cons of either choice? What should be considered as you shop for a new or used RV?

Fun Town RV is here to guide you in these considerations and ensure you feel confident in making the
best choice for you and your travel companions.

Advantages of Buying New


While you will spend more money upfront, you won’t have to worry about dishing out more for repairs
in the near future when considering a new RV for sale. Having a brand-new RV offers a certain peace of
mind if anything goes wrong, since you have a warranty and a dealer to support you. In addition to this,
there are many other positive features of buying a camper new:

  • Everything in and on the rig is brand new
  • Factory warranty and RV dealer support
  • No unknown history
  • Accepted at any campground or RV park
  • Choice in the options that suit you [layout, colors and customizations]
  • Easier to get financing

There are a number of advantages to buying a new RV – including the fact that you’re the very first
owner! This privilege, however, can also have its cons.

Disadvantages of Buying New

The main disadvantage of buying new is the cost, not only for the rig itself, but that taxes, registration
and insurance are all more costly on brand new products. Other disadvantages that may not come to
mind as easily are:

  • Immediate depreciation in RV value
  • Manufacturing flaws and kinks

If these are deal breaks don’t fret you have the option to consider buying used as well.

Advantages of Buying Used

Currently, new rigs are harder to come by due to manufacturing and shipping issues, so there’s a greater
market for used campers for sale. Also considering the benefits of used RV’s doesn’t make them a bad
option either:

  • Lower initial costs [purchase price, taxes, registration, insurance]
  • Less depreciation
  • Possible extended warranty purchases available
  • Potential upgraded amenities from previous owners
  • No “new product kinks”

While it yields many positive benefits, it is important to consider both perspectives when considering
your buying options.

Disadvantages of Buying Used

The age of the used motorhome for sale can impact your ease of being accepted into some RV parks
thanks to the infamous “10-year-rule”, but you may also face other struggles as well:

  • Unknown history
  • Hidden issues – resulting in expensive and time-consuming repairs
  • Missing factory warranty

Whether you decide a new or used RV is the best fit for you, Fun Town RV is here to support you in the
buying process and discuss options and availability!

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