Top 5 Features to Consider and Look For When Purchasing an RV

It’s important to be knowledgeable about RV options to make the best choice for you, your lifestyle and
those you travel with. Fun Town RV is here with the top five features to considering “Camper For Sale”

Vehicle Tow Capacity [Weight]

RV’s come with a weight. It’s important to review the towing capacity of your current vehicle. This
information can be found in your owner’s manual, on the driver-side door jamb or in the trailer towing
capacity guide on their website. If you drive a truck or SUV, you should be fine, but if you have a smaller
car, you may have more limited options.

Layout and Size

Layout and size of an RV should adequately reflect your needs, lifestyle and family in order to ensure
you have room for lots of storage, comfort and your entertainment desires. There are many different
types of RVs to choose from, all of which offer a variety of sizes and layouts:
✓ Trailer Trailer
✓ Fifth Wheel
✓ Toy Hauler
✓ Motorhomes
✓ Pop-up
✓ Conversion Campers
Consider your personal goals and aspirations of owning an RV to determine the layout, type and size
that will be best for you.


Understanding your lifestyle will also help you define the features that’re critical. For example, if you
absolutely need a toy hauler, then you’ll need a larger fifth wheel or Class A motorhome. There are
many features in RVs, some are essential, and some are just desirable. Having a refrigerator that’s large
enough to meet your family’s needs, or a bunk room for the children, are necessary features. While
others [ie. washer dryer, fireplace, RV outdoor kitchen, second washroom, etc.] may be enjoyable
features, but not critical to your camping enjoyment and success.


Buying new or used is something many people have strong opinions about. Regardless of your personal
outlook it’s important to ask certain questions when you see the “RV For Sale” sign:
✓ Where it’s been [traveled and stored]
✓ How it’s been cared for
✓ What maintenance has been done
✓ What systems need attention early on
✓ What was done to correct the problem
The age and care of a motorhome for sale will impact its usefulness and enjoyability. Some parks won’t
accept RV’s over a particular age into their parks. RVs, like cars, wear and depreciate, although there are
well-maintained older RVs with luxury features on the market too. Buying new also means your RV will
depreciate in value immediately, and many new products still require small replacements or repairs.


Ensuring you’re receiving quality support is critical with large purchases, such as an RV. Talk to
RVers, service technicians, and RV dealers, also do research and look at reviews, to become aware of
brand, manufacturer and dealership reputations.
You aren’t alone in this journey when you come to Fun Town RV! Reach out to your local Fun Town RV
Dealer to speak to a knowledgeable representative about all your RV needs.

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