Visit Texas: Rio Grande Wild and Scenic River


You know what they say: everything’s bigger in Texas. And that goes for our parks too! If you’re looking for a Texas sized adventure look no further than the Rio Grande. A water buff’s dream, this gorgeous river is HUGE and it boasts incredible canyons and rapids that make adventure something you’re sure to come by.

rio grande

Floating the Rio Grande

Floating is perhaps the most popular activity you’ll enjoy along the Rio Grande. People come from all over the U.S. to float this magnificent river and make amazing memories with their friends and family. As with any water activity, however, safety is of the utmost importance. Don’t let your guard down. Make sure you read all of the park’s regulations and follow their rules so your trip ends with good memories.

Floating Boquillas Canyon

rio grande

Boquillas Canyon is the perfect place for beginners to float. This 33-mile long course has rapids that go up to a class II, so nothing super intense, and takes anywhere from two to three days to complete. You’ll end your course at Heath Canyon.

Floating the Lower Canyons

Floating the lower canyons is not for the faint of heart. This rugged trip is 83 miles long (drought 5-10 days) and filled with desert, hills, and canyons. The rapids in the Lower Canyons are Class II-IV.

Important Notes from the NPS:

  • Put-in: The Heath Canyon put-in is located on the U.S. side of the river, just downstream of the La Linda bridge. Permission to use access at Heath Canyon should be obtained by calling Heath Canyon Ranch at 432-376-2235. River access at Black Gap Wildlife Management Area is available at Maravillas, 10 miles downstream from Heath Canyon. There is a $12 per person fee and the access pass is available at Barton Warnock Environmental Center, located in Lajitas, TX, online from Texas Parks & Wildlife Department, or anywhere hunting/fishing licenses are sold. Maravillas is closed for river access during deer season.
  • Take-out: All individuals, groups or group representatives must register a river take out requestwith Harrison Ranch & Stone to access John’s Marina at Dryden Crossing.

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