An RV Horror Story…

  Now, let me first say that no one was hurt in this story…except the couple’s fifth-wheel I’m about to tell you about. Keep in mind that this could happen to anyone and is a result of not paying attention … Continued

Your RV’s New Year’s Resolutions

With 2014 right around the corner, no doubt you’ve had at least one thought, or conversation about what resolutions you’ll be making this new year. Old Bill Johnson made sure to point out that “you couldn’t ‘actually’ tuck your shirt … Continued

How to Cook a Turkey On a Traeger Grill

Before we even get into the unique ease of cooking on a Traegar Grill, let’s whet our appetite with some of the fine recipes that Traegar provides via their website. Caution people, pictures may induce hunger. Mmmmmmmm. Now how do … Continued